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Universal seat cover for cars, planes and buses


Universal seat cover for cars, planes and buses

Washable, bacteriostatic, pocket, super light and foldable

Flexible and hypoallergenic, with its pocket size and light weight can be easily put in a purse or even a jacket. Pat pending and 100% Made in Italy.


40 gradi do not tumble dry do not iron do not dry clean do not bleach

Your comfort

in a pocket

The innovative design has been studied in order to unfold the seat cover in a fast and easy way and to apply it without any effort.
Once Fixyway is unfolded, you should just fit the two extremities on the top and the bottom of the seat and thanks to its extreme flexibility they will adjust automatically to the surface.
To fold up Fixyway you’ll need less than 10 seconds!


and comfort first

Its main function is to protect the body from germs, bacteria and dirt becoming a shield on transportation seats, which are often creased and not sanitized.
Fixyway’s special mission is to give a feeling of comfort, relax and to make you feel at ease even on the go, but also to make the seats of trains, airplanes, buses and even movie theatres nicer!

Put a stop

to germs and bacteria on the go

The bacteriostatic treatment of the yarns, totally non-toxic and certified Oeko-Tex®, inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, which are the cause of bad smell and skin fungus.
The selected yarns are hypoallergenic and can be used by anyone, even by children, without having unpleasant rashes and without worrying about who used the seat before us.


Universal seat cover for cars, planes and buses